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Discounter Rules

To become an E-Club discounter your business is required to offer a 10% discount to E-Club members (or comparable value). In return for offering this discount, your business will be advertised to thousands of E-Club members at no cost. Your company's information and discount will be continuously displayed on our website, and featured in our weekly E-Trader publication and on our website periodically.

After you register as a discounter, you may also submit special sales or limited-time discounts by sending the information to

  1. A minimum 10% discount for our members.
  2. Make sure it is clear how our members can claim the discount. Do they need to talk to someone specifically, or place the order over the phone, or input a special code on the website?
  3. Please let us know if your contact email address changes. We send out periodic emails to confirm that your business is still active and you want us to keep your business on our list. If you do not respond to these emails within a month we reserve the right to unlist your business as a discounter.
  4. If a member contacts us letting us know that you would not honor the stated discount, we reserve the right to unlist your business until the matter is resolved.

Thanks so much for being one of our discounters! We hope we can provide you with as much value as you bring to our members.